An escape from life, like (see weed). When you get back, the problems of life hit you in the face like a brick.
mother: why are you on those games so much?
son: Everything else sucks.
by leah March 30, 2005
the most fun and underrated thing in the world.
Video games aren't gangsta or punk rock, just making that clear.....
by ReaperZero October 8, 2006
computerized games involving many gernes of types
I play video games because murder in real life is illegal.
by Bob Smith May 1, 2003
1. A side-option to having sexual intercourse.
2. Better than sliced bread.
1. Sherryl said she would have sex with me, but I'm almost finished with Devil May Cry 3 on hard mode!
2. Video games are better than sliced bread.
by JT195 May 23, 2006
The only form of entertainment besides music that is actually fun and interesting anymore.
I hardly watch TV, but I LOVE video games. :)
by Marco K. May 18, 2010