Sounds like the word source. Used when a person wants to know the source of the media, usually revolving around anime, manga etc.
What's the sauce?

It's boku no pico.
by League ruined my life October 4, 2021
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Sauce is used to describe someone who has a style, confidence and attraction about them. Usually someone who is well-dressed, fashionable, and has an aura about them. swagger style
"OMG Becky, look how fly that dude is. He's got sauce."

"He's drippin sauce"
by dcb2386 July 13, 2015
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Six digit code usually put in nhentai
Person 1: can i have some sauce
Person 2:177013
The next day person 2 was found dead.
by destoyer January 22, 2021
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mainly canadian slang meaning pass or throw.
ayo Jack sauce me that football over there eh.

sauce me the salt and pepper real quick.
by pepedestroyer December 29, 2020
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a word used by a person when they do not know what word they should use.
by woot woot boot May 8, 2011
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horny people who wants sauce codes for hentai
do you have any sauce?
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to drink alcohol or to get wasted. also used as sauce, sauced, and saucey.
Amber "Hey Jenna!"
Jenna "Hey Amber!"
Amber "Are you ready to get sauced tonight?"
Danielle "You guys are saucing tonight?"
Jenna "Yes, I brought good sauce!"
by amber_14612 March 31, 2010
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