Something that people say when something happened that could be interpreted as perverted.

When you get hit with anything in your face and people need to emphasize it.
jack: "Ahhh man i got this stuff all over me
Steve:"In the face"

Bob: *punches guy in the face*
Bill: "in the face!!!!"
by wawowewa December 31, 2011
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Expression use to denote doing something to an extreme level.
Person 1: How much do you want to hit him / how much do you want to go out with her / how hard did you do it?

Person 2: In the face!
by paulos July 15, 2004
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used to compliment a smart remark or an unwarranted comment about somebody
Damn! She lookin' right wreckless in the face!
by liljesus February 18, 2008
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To hit on, near, or at least sorta close to a person's face or general area of the head and shouting "In the face" very loudly.

Is often followed by a repetition of the phrase "in the face" and of course a douche filled high five

Made famous by the movie "The Hangover"
"Dude, during dodgeball i accidentally hit timmy in the face"

History Example:
Lee Harvey Oswald "I actually shot him"
Mobsters "where"
Oswald "In the face"

Herstory Example:
"god helen keller can't walk around by herself"
"why not?"
"she totally walked into the lamp in the face"
by Comic and Bomber March 13, 2010
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Having a face to face chat with someone as opposed to just chatting to them online using programmes such as MSN
I went to my mates house to have a face to face
by 2912Clover February 27, 2006
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To attack with enthusiasm and ferocity, most often used when speaking of alcoholic beverages "SHOTS TO THE FACE!" but can be applied to other circumstances, see below:
Jagerbombs to the face!  Funnel to the face!  Late night pizza to the face!  Motorboat to the face!   Newport to the face! (vacation)  Fenway to the face! (sporting event)
This can also be communicated as the acronym "TTF" or "2TF"
by Darb2TF August 31, 2012
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Smoking a whole blunt by yourself
Yo, you should be facing a blunt before you see Pineapple Express
by JJ Sneddick August 15, 2008
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