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Something that people say when something happened that could be interpreted as perverted.

When you get hit with anything in your face and people need to emphasize it.
jack: "Ahhh man i got this stuff all over me
Steve:"In the face"

Bob: *punches guy in the face*
Bill: "in the face!!!!"
by wawowewa December 30, 2010
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A few weeks ago, no one had β€œcheugy” in their vocabulary . Now everything is saturated with the word. It’s in our heads. It’s in our homes. Everyone is asking: β€œAm I cheugy? Am I a basic ass bitch? Am I GUILTY of being cheugy?”

The proliferation of cheugy in the mainstream discourse can only be attributed to one source: mental terror. It’s an orchestrated psychological trap to make you question your tastes and interests in the eyes of others.

You are not a cheug. YOU’RE PERFECT!!!!

It is very suspicious that the cheugy mascot is a Minion, a literal cyclops, a deformed
yellow panopticon in overalls ... do not let the all-seeing eye to control you. Be vigilant. Resist cheugy psyops.
Becca is another victim of cheugy psyops. I saw the garbage truck take all her Ugg boots yesterday. She even removed β€œI LOVE The Office!” from all her dating profiles. She’s unrecognizable.
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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Usually used since "Your Mom" became obsolete. Mostly used as a slam after losing a game or something like that.
Tim: "Dude, I just got owned in Halo."

Cameron: "Yeah you got owned. Owned in the face!"

Tim: "......"
by Kyle E. June 09, 2008
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A brutal example of trashtalk in which whilst playing halo, you proceed to smack down, shoot, bitchslap, stick with a grenade, run over your opponent somewhere in the general region of the face. Also used primarily when one is sniping like a pussy. Used frequently in correlation with with the elbow
Mid Air Bitch! In the face, come back here so i can kill you again.

What now, rocket IN THE FACE

Tell your mother i said hello, IN THE FACE! (wait a tick...)
by AtilaTheNun October 31, 2003
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1. Exclaimation to emphasize a point.

2. The location that is the face.
1. Man, you got beaten bad, In-the-Face!

2. She was ugly, ugly In-the-face.
by Ishbar December 18, 2004
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A postfix used in conjunction with a statement, with intent to emphasise the magnitude of the statement.
"I hated that movie"
"Well I hated it IN THE FACE"


"How'd you go with your Robotics exam?"
"Awesome man, thanks for asking! Yeah I killed it alright... IN THE FACE!"
by davesyndrome July 10, 2008
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Expression use to denote doing something to an extreme level.
Person 1: How much do you want to hit him / how much do you want to go out with her / how hard did you do it?

Person 2: In the face!
by paulos July 15, 2004
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