A place to live, usually with corrupt mayors and lots of pollution. The real world is only in the city, not on Ole McD's Farm.
I live in a city and i pay high taxes and have lung cancer from car fumes.
by LordNword August 27, 2003
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1. A large urban area, with many buildings are people. An area with over 100,000 people is called a city.
2. Occuring in, or relating to a large urban area, as in city streets.
3. A large quantity of something. usually used in the expression "It's X city (in here).
For example It's snow city would mean there's a lot of snow
Philadelphia is a large city.
It's garbage city in here! Look at all the trash!
by Dellsareslow May 4, 2012
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a term used to emphasize the amount of something.
Stanford is ugly bitch city! The hottest cheerleader here is still only a 4.5!

What the fuck? This place is Jeff Gordon flag city! Let's get out of this inbreeding trailer trash neighborhood.

Let's not go to Eat n' Park tonight. That place is fudge packer city! I'd rather not be treated like Lil Bow Wow tonight.

Dag motherfucker, Cali is city city! There's LA, Frisco, Diego, San Jose, and so on.
by Nick D April 4, 2003
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A large settlement of people, typically over 100,000 residents. Most cities are fairly large overcome with roping interstates and glass skyscrapers that blind people with sunlight reflected off of the windows. Most larger cities also have significantly more pollution because of power plants, factories, and cars. Most cities can also be seen as a large glowing dot when viewed from outer space. People sometimes also commute to a city from a small town nearby to work, which could cause a city’s daytime population to rise by a considerable amount.
I live in a large city of 450,000 people.
by Legoman3319 February 10, 2018
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see also shite, embarassing, and bitters.
City < United

In your bitter blue world, in your bitter blue world...
by International Bad Boy October 28, 2004
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when you fuck a girl sideways, flip her over and splooge in her hair
by ChazNack June 11, 2009
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tha wonderful area known to tourists as San Francisco.
Boi..I'm from the city by tha bay..what thizz it?
by baybeeh January 17, 2007
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