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A sarah is a beatifull person inside and out. Not only is a Sarah pretty, but also smart in many areas. Meeting a Sarah is amazing because she's easy to be friends with for her forgivance and sociability,
Person 1 Sarah is so nice!
Person 2 Totally!
by Lady Giggles March 12, 2017
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One of the cutest people you will ever meet. She is always cracking jokes and is truly hilarious. She is really beautiful, even if she may not believe it. She has the most amazing hair and is the best person to spend your time with. The most huggable and lovable person you'll ever meet. You'll never forget the time you've spent with her.
I love you Sarah.
by Tabithaa September 04, 2011
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Not to be confused with "Sara" which is the complete wrong way..... if you don't have an "H" you aren't a Sarah
Sara is a fake Sarah with a delusion of grandeur
by Zombiewise December 22, 2016
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Sarah is shyand artsy. She’s so beautiful that people judge her for it. She picks the weirdest friends. They love her and are a bit overprotective. She has a special sibling bond and she doesn’t realize it. Sarah is sweet, beautiful, shy, kind, smart and so much more. People want to her and are jealous of her talents. If you meet you a Sarah, DON’T EVER let her out of your life.
Val: Did you see Sarah’s art?

Abi: Ya, I might pay her to draw something for me. She’s so good!
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by JayneCobb March 26, 2019
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Sarah is a lovely girl, who will always stay by your side. Sometimes she can be weird, awkward or even emo!! But everyone knows she is the perfect friend, she spreads happiness everywhere she goes and can't help to put a smile on everyone's face! Overall she is the nicest girl ever and no one could imagine their lives without her!!
Sarah, don't steal my noodles!!!
by Ceol is a pole January 08, 2018
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A very beautiful woman. Too beautiful for words. Shes absolutely stunning and perfect in every way. Her beauty will never be matched. Everything about her is beautiful. She has too many great features to name all at once, but her tummy is one of the cutest things in the world. At the same time, her hair is just gorgeous. Also, she has a cutest nose in the world. There are too many features to name. Shes very strong and independent. She will always have you smiling and keep you laughing. Shes just so silly. I don't know anyone that I care about more than her. Shes truly an original. I would fight for her. I would die for her. Shes my heart, my soul, my existence. Shes my everything. Shes me best friend in the entire world and I wouldn't rather anyone else to take her place. Shes the sweetest girl with a voice that could end a war with just one sentence. I tell her everything. Either good news or bad news, shes always there to support me. Shes knows everything about me and I know everything about her. All I want to do is make her happy. Even the image of her sad breaks my heart. Shes not the type of girl that you just pick up at a bar and bring home. She'll enchant you in every way possible. She'll leave imprints on your heart that will never go away. We've had too many wonderful memories to count. I never stop thinking about her. I love her. I love everything about her. Ive never been happier. There will never be another girl like her, trust me. Shes perfect.
Guy - Hey man, you know Sarah? What's she like?
Me - ...oh don't get me started
by HerBiggestFann August 19, 2011
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Usually a loud, chatty girl who is full of wit. She is never selfish and thinks of others constantly. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl with hidden talents. She's fun to be around, and although she may not know it, everyone loves her personality. She is constantly happy and optimistic unless something emotionally or mentally crushing happens. She's a very romantic and her love means a lot. A very confident person and gives great advice. Sarah is a true friend.
by authenticdude1 June 14, 2010
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