Is beautiful / handsome but yet a shy person who can be trusted with anything, they'll never let you down and they'll always be there for you. Phoenix is the type of person everyone wants to be friends with. Phoenix is the coolest person you'll ever meet and they know how to make anyone smile. Phoenix has such an amazing personality.
by CeCeTe101 May 25, 2017
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The capital of the state of Arizona and 4th largest city in the United States of America.
Phoenix is the 4th largest city in the U.S. This is a correction to previous reports of it being 5th and 6th by other authors.
by Matt Weller September 19, 2007
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A correction to previous erroneous definitions regarding this city in the desert. The largest city and capital of Arizona which is the 4th largest city in the United States of America, not the 5th as suggested in previous descriptions.
Chauncey Schmidt only likes to visit the Valley of the Sun's primate city of Phoenix in the dead of winter when the lake effect makes Buffalo a white out.
by Matt Weller August 24, 2007
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A really nice person who seems very quiet and antisocial but is in reality super kind, gentle, soft, non-judgemental, loyal, and trustworthy. If you meet a Phoenix, make sure to look past any shyness and befriend him!
"You know that Phoenix? He's really shy."
"Look past it! He's actually awesome once you get to know him."
by loverofdance March 21, 2017
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Phoenix is a girl who has a great personality,she is quiet and shy at first but when you get to know her she won't be like that. She may seem innocent at first but when you get to really know her she is quite dirty.
Random Person: Why is Phoenix so quiet?
Other Random Person: Nahh, she isn't quiet if you get to know her.
by Shook Bella June 17, 2018
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Phoenix, Is the coolest chill person you will ever meet she is always there even when you don’t need her to be she always tries to help people but can’t because she is not perfect she goes through a lot and even though she does this she always puts other first she always expresses her feelings but doesn’t expect the best response she doesn’t expect one but always gives one.
“Hey Phoenix wanna hang out today?”
“Phoenix shared gummy bears with me”
“Can Phoenix have a sleepover?”
by Nohoneyno April 9, 2018
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a gorgeous teenage girl who has an interesting personality. She is slightly shy, but is spunky and cool at the same time. She is very artistic and fun to be around.
Phoenix is awesome!
by TheCattt February 2, 2014
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