The act of some asshole talking shit behind your back.
Friend1 to Friend 2: "Damn!! It smells like a fart in here."
Friend 2 to Friend1:"Sorry bro", "Some asshole was talking shit behind my back again."
by Maccus Wiel July 6, 2020
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a fartwarming experience in which two dudes trade farts
John and I did a fart-to-fart greeting.

Let's do a fart-to-fart!
by glitterchopsticks December 11, 2009
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Like “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Don’t ever give up if someone desperately tries to knock you over.
"Fart for Fart" - The only way to fight against a “Fart” is to “Fart” back.
by Shana Baileys December 28, 2011
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Pronunciation- fhair-tay, fair-tay

1. A fancy way of saying Fart

2. a flatus expelled through the anus.

3. an irritating or foolish person.

4. Slang. pretense, lies, exaggeration, or nonsense.

5. Slang. something inferior or worthless.

6. Slang. a selfish, mean, or otherwise contemptible person.

7. Slang. narcotic drugs, esp. heroin or marijuana.

8. Slang. possessions, equipment, mementos, etc.; stuff.

–verb (used without object)

— to simply " Farte' " on some one or something.


Will Long 2009
Noun example- " I need to "Farte " Really badly! "

Verb Example- " When he walks out of his house Farte' on him and take his Wallet. "

Adj. Example- " Your face looks like one smelly Farte'. "

Slang example 1- " Dad is being such a Farte' because he wont let me go to the mall. "

Slang Example 2- " Those silly kids are acting like a big Farte'. "

"Farte', Farte"
by Will Long 09 June 2, 2009
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Fart: A regular, ordinary air biscuit. Isn't too loud, and doesn't stink that much.
The Ninja: A classic example of the phrase silent but deadly. Is almost entirely inaudible but has an ungodly stink.
TNT: A loud but not too stinky fart.
Nuclear Bomb: A jack-of-all-trades fart, stinks really bad and is also VERY loud. The worst ones to accidentally let loose.
The "Taking A Dump" Fart: Self-explanatory.
The "Taking A Dump" Nuclear Bomb: A rare kind of toilet fart. Acts likes a Nuclear Bomb. The leading cause of public bathroom embarrassment.
The Shart: An average shart (a fart which contains crap).
The Volcano: A powerful kind of shart. Can also be mistaken for a TNT, but the shit may be so violently released that it can escape your underpants, causing extra embarrassment.
Krakatoa: A loud and very powerful shart. If you get this, go see a doctor because you probably have diarrhea.
The Trampoline: Very loud, but with zero stench. The force , however, is strong enough to launch yourself forward a bit. Usually caused by comfort foods that produce a lot of dense gases.
Shit-Flavoured-Air: The most ungodly stench known to man. A chemical weapon more toxic than Sarin. The clearer of rooms everywhere. The origin of humanity's concept of demons. A fart that is silent, but is so stinky that being in the presence of it for too long can make you lose your lunch. Essentially the opposite of The Trampoline.
Guy 1: Uck, the Shit-Flavoured-Air strikes again! Which fucker let out that fart?
Guy 3: Something tells me adding ghost peppers to those beans wasn't the best idea...
by E hates Q April 9, 2019
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A small explosion between the legs, composed of vapourized poop particles.
person 1: ewww dude did you fart?
person 2: yes indeed i did, you heard the explosion didnt you?

person 3: yes, eww it smells disgusting
person 1: omg bro dont breathe it in, you realize you are inhaling particles of his poop when you smell it!?
person 3: kill me now.
person 2: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! smell my wrath! :D
by Blue_Sky555 August 9, 2012
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Smelly wind that comes from your asshole. Sometimes can make noise
Girlfriend: ew what’s that smell?!
Boyfriend: sorry I farted
by Purplepeepee August 20, 2020
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