"Wow your pay is like your cock. Small."
by Radikid May 30, 2018
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When you want piss your teachers off just yell this
by Dhrjsnekekdndjsn March 31, 2016
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When you boast so much that it gets super annoying and you may as well whack ghack while bragging about whatever you're talking about.
Tim: "Yeah dude, I got like 4 lambos in my garage."
John: "Oh boy here we go again."
Bob: "Whats going on?"
John: "Nothing just Tim inflating his cock again."
Bob: "God dammit Tim, stop inflating your cock! We get it you got all this shit cuz of your stupid ass job"
by YaBoiSpoon January 19, 2018
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Basically when someone says something just to fuck with you, and it turns out to be a lie.
Khloe: "Hey babe, my hot friend wants to come over and have a threesome with us."
Ryan: "What? Really?!"
Khloe: "Hahahahaha no bitch. I'm just yanking your cock."
Ryan: "Fuck you hoe, that ain't cool."
by swagpimpdaddy October 8, 2013
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When a penis is erect but you are not you are not horny or in the position for some sexual interaction your penis then needs to not be erect.
that will soften your cock.
by Mandingler April 16, 2017
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An attempt to have sexual relations with a person or animal.
See that bitch over there. Go throw your cock at her and see if she catches it.
by BostonTravis August 29, 2006
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A term told to someone who is talking about how great of a person he/she is and how "great" their accomplishments were over and over again. This person seeking self satisfaction by telling everyone what they did. Often used when someone is seeking attention because of something great they did. Can be used hand in hand with "stroking his/her cock" when referring to someone else.
Tim: Yo, I did so good in my last game dude, that ball I hit still hasn't landed. I definitely won the game.

Mike: That's great now stop stroking your cock.
by Mikbizzle March 13, 2014
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