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a flying farting contraption, commonly known to be seen as a gluteas maximus with attached wings.
look up in the sky its a skudu!!!
by Evan March 24, 2004
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Someone who very much enjoys orally pleasuring a woman, also "Yamster"
did you about that dude doing the yammy to that female over there.

hes's a yamster
by Evan February 11, 2005
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Media personality who got schooled by Evan Wales during the Media hockey game.
Holy crap did you see that goal , Evan Wales just schooled the fuck outta Hudson Mack!
by Evan May 1, 2004
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THe dumbest comeback ever invented by Dajuan Bryson.
"You fat-ass, brown chuck-wearin BEEYITCH!"
"Shut up....you faithful boy!"
by Evan January 19, 2005
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When Shannon (a pretty burly young lady with extremely tangled, mangled, and wheather beaten red hair)Rides on her 4-wheeler or watches Anime (particularly Ghost In The Shell)while picking at her face or looking for flea or tick like creatures in her hair.She also is known by nay-nay and hates the word "Rack"
Elle Sappelle Shannon!
by Evan March 10, 2005
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