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To lather someone's piece of bread/roll with butter or margarine. NOT a sexual innuendo to anal sex.
Eww Evan! I dont want to have sex with you, I want to help you butter your bread.
by Evan March 22, 2005
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A slang (and often offensive) term to refer to a Canadian.

Similar to canuck.
by Evan December 23, 2005
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One of the greatest single acts that can be performed on the commode, it involves a woman performing oral sex on a man whilst he defecates.
After a long day at the railyards, a bromby would be a great pick-me-upper before the PTA meeting.
by Evan August 19, 2004
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another, cleaner (less foul) way to say ballsack, incase you happen to be around family, the elderly, or small kiddies
Dude way to go..you hit that girl on the ass,and she thought it was me..so she hit me in the b-sak
by Evan April 15, 2008
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hitting one hundred and forty miles per hour in your car/truck/motorcycle
man DAMN we just hit a buck-forty
by Evan March 29, 2005
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when a guy puts his nuts over the eyes of a female and places his penis near the top of the mouth.
Steve gave Cynthia a Bulgarian Gas Mask... She loved it.
by Evan April 19, 2005
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