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Crooked. Refering to a person named Teague who was crosseyed.
The Tower of Piza is all Teague Eyed.
by Evan August 20, 2003
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when you light a chick's bush on fire and put it out with your cum.
man, i gave my girlfriend the fire fighter last night. today she cant walk.
by Evan June 17, 2003
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Home of protest crazed liberals and fish throwing coffee drinking tech junkies. A very open and diverse place populated mostly by whites with a strong asian influence. A gay friendly city that approved a marijuana initiative. Plagued by meth use, bank robberies, high unemployment and traffic congestion.
I protested world trade, got an abortion, founded a startup, caught a fish, robbed a bank, lost my job, and shot someone on the road all in the same day!
by Evan January 4, 2005
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id fuck that sexy mongoose as long as a papper bags over her head
by Evan December 5, 2003
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From: The Simpsons. A nanny who comes to take care of The simpsons kids when Marge began losing her hair.
Oh, You Shary Bobbins!!
by Evan March 25, 2004
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A sophmore witha heavy cocaine and marijuana addiction. Also see,
big smoke
big toke
big oak
Greg: What do you wana do?
Smokley: Lets have Jenn buy us a bag.
by Evan June 3, 2004
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Dude, can I get a snoo from you?
by Evan March 10, 2005
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