Walking (also known as ambulation) is THEE most badboy gait of terrestrial locomotion among legged animals. If performed incorrectly can result in single or multiple catastrophic faceplants. Thomas Edison (the dick) coined the biomechanical hack when he was sick of bashing his head against tables doings barrel rolls and accidentally kicking dickxs willy-nilly (Pun Intended) since before then the only mode of transportation was to crawl, teddy roll or just plain roll (but if you did that kids said your dad shopped at netto.) If you attempted to achieve bipedal ambulation before 'The Great Bimble' which took place on Jimmy Saviles grave before he was born. You'd get poked by sticks by locals and sent back to whence came. Hair straighteners were often used to lengthen and straighten the legs. This resulted in properly, slic, sleek, LUSCIOUS, easy to maintain lugs. Because you're well worth it. In order to sit at the dinner table, people would often perform a vigorous roll towards said chair and flosbury flop. Its a type of pole vault.

In the 18th century bubble wrap was invented as an act of war to protect human meatsuits from the pissy cobbles or everywhere but especially Hunslet, Leeds.
person 1: lets go for a walking
person 2: oh what you mean a bitta ambulation for the nation ye?
person 1: ye
person 2: why didnt you say lets get onit mymush
person 1: lets go charvva beaver works ye

person 2: ye

person 2: need to straighten my legs first tho can i use your ghds
person 1: bubble n wrap ye kidda
person 2: ye but can I use your ghds
person 1: ye
by mouisa October 20, 2021
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1. a slower alternative to both running and jogging, travelling from point A to B without (for most people) outside intervention and/or enhancement-inducing parties, both mechanical and humanoid.
2. think of the best thing in the world, like free fried chicken, chicago hot dogs, and philly cheese steaks, but 1000x better and in the form of a drug for your mind that allows mental activities to flow faster and clearer
Yo let's go walking.
Okay, yeah I love thinking better.
by dr.thicc_posterior420:) November 1, 2017
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Something i should be doing to work off my fat ass after having a baby.
'i should be walking off my fat ass at the park today'
by Ocraner July 1, 2008
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Walk the Walk means to show others about something by your own footsteps, your own example of the way to do it. You yourself are walking the way for them to follow by your own life.
She told them at the meeting "You need to Walk the Walk
yourselves for them to understand! By your own example is how they will learn what it means to be a Christian.
by myra jane nelson January 17, 2010
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when a girl walks differently than most cause she has a big butt,and big hip,and or big thighs
she can walk that walk
by ashley lynn howard June 29, 2009
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A time where the elite cousins go outside during thanksgiving to get high.
Can I go on the walk with you guys?

Sorry Will, this special walk is only for the big kids.
by long_ear_hair November 29, 2019
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