Politically correct term for conducting sexual intercourse without consent.

Rape is such a harsh word... everyone loves a surprise!

"I'd been following her for weeks, i knew it was here birthday soon and planned to surprise her"
My girlfriend made the mistake of asking me what surprise sex meant
Unconsented intercourse that is technically construed as rape.

When performed on your girlfriend, it's surprise sex.

When performed on an even hotter chick, it's rape.
Surprise sex is the reason that children occur in the animal kingdom. Male rabbits rape the females. Yes, really, my sister breeds rabbits and knows all.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
1. Unannounced and/or forcible sex which ISN'T rape. The kind performed in roleplay, in "dom/sub relationships", and in certain orgy/rock-star-groupie type situations.

2. The old male trick of pulling the penis out of the girl's cunt and slipping it up her shit-hole.
e.g: you can tell a true "do-me girl" by the fact she can't remember her last fuck which wasn't surprise sex
by su france April 7, 2010
the act of having intercourse without the other partner knowing about it at first commonly confused with rape your partner may scream NO!, Stop!, and Dont! but a kind reply of Surprise will let them know what is happening.
After Diane's Birthday party she was so wasted Jake totally surprised sex'd her, boy was she pissed the next morning.

Q: Would you try to stop her if she tried to rape you?
A: No I happen to be a fan of surprise sex I love gifts
by Yaahwayy the Great November 16, 2010
A dissmisive way to describe vaginal, oral or anal RAPE.

Rape is a crime.

The only 'surprise' should be the punishment by law the rapist receives for this crime.

Some examples below:
I surprised sex on her while she was asleep.

I shoved my cock in her mouth as a treat. She gagged and tried to back away.

She thought I was giving it her in her pussy, but I went up her arse and pretended I didn't know the difference.
by freakshow July 1, 2005
Rape, but you shout surprise.
Sarah was walking down the road when all of sudden rob jumped out of a bush.
'SURPRISE!' he shouted, he then had a shag with her in that very bush. Good old Surprise Sex.
by JJJpowww December 4, 2008
A way of raping someone and not raping them because your surprising them with sex
(Rapee) Help rape
(Raper) Its not rape its surprise sex
(Rapee) Damn
by emoboy173 August 31, 2008