Leslie, ok she is one of those people who will be quiet around school/ campus. She’s quiet when you first meet her (don’t just ditch her tho) but when SHE feels comfortable enough around you, she is the funnest person to hang out with. She might not know what to say in some situations, either bc she’s intimidated, feeling insecure or just doesn’t know how to deal with it. But when she figures the shit out then she’ll give you the best advice ever periodt!
Leslie is just a fun person all around, once you get to know her of course. She just won’t be that special person to everybody just reserved people;))
by Nathy._ October 7, 2018
A beautiful person who will love whoever becomes hers and will have an undying loyalty to that person. She will take care of that person at any given time and still find time to have fun with them too. She is unbelievably attractive and can impress any man with her beauty. Yet she's also humble and loves to make others happy.
"Who's that?"
"That's Leslie" *blush*
by zcrasher64 January 16, 2015
Leslie, is the coolest, sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, caring, smart understanding person. She has been through so much in life, but she keeps on going, and anyone who meets her is lucky if you become her friend and she will always make you smile more she'll make you laugh she'll even make you feel confident .
That's why I love Leslie and also because Leslie is my sister
by Samlovely021303 July 25, 2017
Leslie is a girl that respects her self, very understandable, smart but slow, with goals in life she will accomplish. Leslie has been through so much in her past. Basically screwed over the whole time, but continues to move on with a smile on her face. She is the most caring and loving person you'll ever meet. She will listen to you, and give you the best advice you'll need. She will give but doesnt expect anything in return.Leslie will give 110% dedication to friendship and love. Leslie is different than other girls. She is athletic, and a gamer which makes her 10x more attractive.mmm that athletic body tho. She is also a fun person to be around with and joke around as well. She has this awkward vide in her that makes everything fall into place.
"Ay do you know leslie?" Says sarah
"Leslie?.. The one with a pretty smile?"
by Poppabear November 21, 2013
Leslie is one of the rarest type of women in this world. As one gazes upon her, they are struck with her overwhelming beauty. She is the most gorgeous Mexican woman this side of the border. She has a great personality, the type of girl that you can stay on the phone all night, making you laugh every chance she gets. She has an outstanding body, one which can make anybody's jaw drop as she passes by.
Fernando: Leslie is an amazing girl. She lightens up my day everytime I talk to her!
John: You should keep talking to her. A girl like her only comes once in a lifetime.

Fernando: Her beauty is stunning! I'll do anything to make her mine.
by 11-22-11 <3 January 2, 2013
Leslie, is the coolest, sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, caring understanding person. She has been through so much in life, but she keeps on going, and anyone who meets her is lucky if you become her friend.
Leslie is my little sister.
by Bro-Brother January 8, 2009
Leslie is a beautiful girl, she has beautiful hair, and also very sexy mostly everyone likes her!
That leslie must really get the boys!?
by Kevin montero January 7, 2018