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the antonym of the fortnite term β€œcracked” used by the famous hugh Vincent and his slightly less famous friend ninja
m8 you’re so sealed get off fortnite
by annaark March 24, 2020
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1. To close completely and secrely. 2. To fill in or put a protective layer upon.
3. To have no escape.
4. Absolutely.
1. We sealed the attic door shut.
2. The hole in which the ants traveled was SEALED.
3. We were sealed within the dark room with ne way out.
4. My fate was sealed as the gunner shot his rifle.
by J.W. March 05, 2005
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(Re: urban exploration) Describes an abandoned building or other abandoned site whose owner has secured it by means of barriers, alarms, guards, etc., making it very difficult or risky to try to enter.
The old power plant was a beautiful site, until the taggers got to it; then it was sealed.
by Pablo Vilas August 31, 2015
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Past tense of the verb to seal meaning writing the word seal on something.
I sealed Blair's car pretty bad earlier and he got really pissed
by thetq February 18, 2011
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