The term often refrenced in the popular moba League of Legends,in which a players character becomes so powerful by way of farm or player kills he/she is dubbed " too strong"
The amount of black people who dont tip is "too strong"
by writer_X February 25, 2013
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When a you take a picture of yourself and it turned out well. Can be used sarcastically, or literally.
Friend: "Wow, that's actually a pretty good picture man."
Me: "Yeah, my selfie game too strong, haha."
by Not Your Average Superhero March 11, 2014
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When your booty is so "on point", that it makes people stare even when they don't want to even though, in most cases they do. Squats can result in the booty game being too strong.
Chick 1: damn, my booty looking hella good tonight.
Chick 2: hell yeah, your booty game too strong babygirl! Work it ;)
Chick 1:Alright, thanks b*tch but this booty looking so good I might be able to pull you tonight and I don't roll that way so chill.
by Thespiritualthug November 28, 2015
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