the best boy you will ever meet, they can steel your heart away at first sight and although they dont feel like boyfriend material, give them the chance and they will prove you wrong, they know exactly how to treat a girl and are the sweetest most kind caring and adorable people ever. every girl deserves somebody like this, the emotion between someone and a hugh is emotional and they are just an all round guy... hugh i willing to take chances and will do anything for any good person.... they might as well be called perfect! if a girl is lucky to find a hugh they should never let go
girl 1: i like hugh but hes not my type
girl 2: you barely know him give him a chance
*months later*

girl 1: omg hes totally boyfriend material cant believe i was wrong
girl 2: use are perfect together
*text if hugh to girl 1*

i wish i never had to leave your arms because that were i belong, with you
by hughlover August 27, 2013
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being way cooler and/or better than any one else, ever
It's not Hugh's fault he's better than everyone, he just is.
by Laith April 27, 2005
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Hugh the most perfect person in the class so much better than Hanad. He is perfect material for a man all the the kids want to partner up with him in class
Hugh you wanna hang out at my place
bruh you have no clout, no
by hanad garad September 24, 2019
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the coolest kid u could ever meet!!! a soldier and a ladies best friend just like diamonds!!!
hughy rocks my f***ing socks!!!
by hottchick04 February 26, 2005
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Being Hugh is referring to the size of one's penis. A Hugh person will have a penis length greater than 10 inches.
This use of Hugh is used worldwide, although it is mostly dedicated to Glasgow and the sorrounding areas.
That person is Hugh.
Wow, i wish i was Hugh.
Being Hugh is great!
by Zoop Zoop May 17, 2007
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wow, look at that, that is so hugh
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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