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Travelling as a passenger, re: an aircraft crew member.
"She finished her tour of duty in Honolulu and was paxing back to the mainland."
by Pablo Vilas January 17, 2010

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(Marrakech) A city in west Morocco that's notable as a place for western tourists to (illegally) buy cannabis and in particular hashish. Marrakesh is immortalized in the Crosby, Stills and Nash song "Marrakesh Express," whose lyrics include some druggy metaphors; " ... Take the train from Casablanca going south / Blowing smoke rings from the corners of my mouth ..."
Wouldn't you know we're riding on the Marrakesh Express.
by Pablo Vilas August 31, 2015

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(Re: urban exploration) Describes an abandoned building or other abandoned site whose owner has secured it by means of barriers, alarms, guards, etc., making it very difficult or risky to try to enter.
The old power plant was a beautiful site, until the taggers got to it; then it was sealed.
by Pablo Vilas August 31, 2015

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