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Proof that humanity has sunk to its lowest point in history thus far. It is the act of lying completely flat across pretty much anything in an urban setting. A friend will take pictures of the act and, of course, post them on Facebook or Twitter. Much favored by hipsters, douchebags, and the like. This trend is currently sweeping the internet, reason: unknown.

Proof that literally ANYTHING can catch on if enough idiots think it is "cool".
Hipster 1: "Hey guy, I just took some awesome planking photos at the Starbucks downtown!"

Hipster 2: "DUDE! I was planking on some benches at the quad yesterday!"

Normal person: "You guys are fucking stupid."
by NOT a planker July 21, 2011
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Person 1: Have you heard of this new craze called Planking?

Person 2: You fool, it's called Extreme Lying Down, and it's been around for years!
by Funky W May 15, 2011
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The art of planking is to lay horizontally across any object or the ground with their arms by their sides, aiming to occur in daring situations or a brotherly display of core-strength..
by jim-the-birdman May 04, 2011
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To plank. To lay horizontally in a strange or unusual place. To plank you must lay horizontally straighten your body and point your fingers and toes down (towards your feet), then you must name your "plank" and post a picture of the creator (of the plank) performing the pose on Facebook.

Planking is a great pastime for people who get bored easily and have friends willing to take pictures of them looking like retards. Public planking is more adventurous and is harder to pull off especially on things like: cop cars, public toilets, and in the middle of six way highways.

Planking can also be dangerous if performed: in places of frequent use, the tops of tall buildings and placed frequented by pedophiles and rapists.
Dude : "Hey I'm going planking on the sydney harbour bridge"

Sexy chick : "Nice! I am spastic eagle planking!"

Dude : "You gotta teach me that one"
by Scottytheplanker May 17, 2011
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A newer name for the lying down game, where you pose for a picture lying flat on your face in an unusual location.
Food superstore Woolworths sacked eight employees this week for planking on top of meat grinders, display shelves, trolleys and stacks of milk crates.
by Frankie1969 May 20, 2011
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Probably the most stupid thing you will ever see in this world. If you see something stupider than that, you can kill yourself. Planking is recognized by some as a "sport", -which I say, if they insist calling it a sport, then it's gotta be the only sport americans can practice.-

It consists in one dumb moron laying down with his face on the floor. Believe it or not, one person got killed while practicing this "sport".
Matt: Hey Steve, have you seen the pictures of me planking?
Steve: Of you doing what?
Matt: Planking! Here, check it out.
<shows the pics>
Steve: Big deal, dude. That's what I do every night to sleep.
by Guilherme133 May 21, 2011
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Parkour for people who can't move fast
Jimmy: Did you see that pic of Ben planking on a police car?
Matt: Yeah, I lol'd when I saw it. I heard Ben's too slow to parkour.
Jimmy: Lol yeah, I heard that too. But planking is still as chill.
by TehChingsta June 14, 2011
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