Gratification is the positive emotional response (happiness) to a fulfillment of desire.
If gratification ceases, so does the devotion.
by Kevin Shokrollahi December 5, 2007
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Sexual gratification is the feeling of satisfying one's sexual desires for something. e.g. fulfilling, indulging, or quenching.
Guy A: "Man me and my girlfriend were in the sack last night."

Guy B: "Nice. Dude, have you ever tried 69ing before?"

A: "Nah. I've never even gone down on my girlfriend before, actually."

B: "Dude, wth is wrong with you???"

A: "What? I don't get it, she already does it to me when we have sex, why should I go down on her?"

B: "Because women crave sexual gratification too, not just us dudes, bro."

A: "For reals?"
by pseu-odonkayeo1179 December 30, 2021
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withholding on available satisfaction, as to make the act more pleasurable when finally given in to due to one's appreciation of it's absence.
Not jacking off for a month. Then finally jacking off. Delayed Gratification.
by An Axe To Grind April 25, 2013
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The "polite" term for spanking the monkey, choking the chicken, beating your meat, polishing your pole, having a wank, ect. ect. You get it. It's how the news man would tell the audience you've been jerking off.
In local news, city councilman McAccerty was allegedly found engaging in self gratification behind the bus shelter with a toy giraffe and a roast chicken. We go live on the scene of his press conference now.
by Dr_dude November 3, 2019
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1)immediate satisfaction; the quick attainability of happiness or of contentness.
1)Children always seek instant gratification.
2)That ho? She instant gratification.
by Mimir September 23, 2003
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Sexual gratification is the need or want for sex from someone specific.
If you haven't had sex with your spouse in awhile "It's not about an organism! It's about sexual gratification "
by Urban Doctor February 28, 2016
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The high one gets from receiving a text message, particularly a text message related to a romantic/sexual interest. Those who need textual gratification tend to go through periods of anxiety while they are waiting to hear back from people they have texted.
"I need textual gratification, and I need it now!"
by Call Me Mr. Gee June 26, 2009
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