A word that has an opposite meaning to another word.
Jeer is the antonym of ovation.
by LRS November 17, 2004
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Means the same as opposite. Antonym and opposite are both synonyms.
Dangerous and safe are both antynoms. Antonym!
by lalala12271 May 2, 2008
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A word that means the opposite of another word.

For example, "hot" is the antonym of "cold."
by Jafje September 12, 2007
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The exact opposite of;
We are experiencing an antonymic heat wave. meaning: It's colder than the ring around a polar bear's butt outside.
by The Antonymic Idiot January 27, 2014
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Antonym is a unique NFT Project rendered as 3D Artwork.
To be able to secure yourself a spot on the early-access list you will need to be whitelisted.

Whitelist spots are distributed based of activity and contribution which enables a perfect utopia of community where people support each other and makes it easier to befriend each other. Furthermore there is a large amount of events hosted by different kinds of people from different professions.

Giveaways will also occur but to avoid people who are purposely only looking to get whitelisted without having any interest in the project itself the administration team checks the profiles for activity

Antonym will be available on OpenSea as an NFT project and will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.
Ethereum is an open source and decentralized blockchain based off smart-contracts.

So you might ask, SecurePanda what is an NFT? The answer is not simple. Non-fungible token.

That doesn’t make it any clearer. Sorry. “Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.
The word antonym can have different meanings but in this context it is the NFT-project Antonym.
I finally got into the Antonym discord-server after attempting for ages!
by SecurePanda January 24, 2022
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A variation of the word antonym, in a manner similar to the way synonym and synonymous are related. When several words are synonyms, they mean approximately the same thing. However, when they are synonymous, they mean exactly the same thing. Similarly, there must be a word that means exactly opposite, to pair with "antonym" which only means approximately opposite. Thus, antonymous words are words that are exact polar opposites in meaning.
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used when you are talking about your aunt and the people she lives or hangs around with
man 1: yo dawg, who we gonna go see tonight?

man 2: ohh, we gonna go to my antonym's house
by Teo February 27, 2004
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