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Dude, you wouldn't believe what he told her so he could screw her. He's worse than players and liars--a real layer.
by Steed Dropout August 22, 2012
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The correct term for someone who does cosplay. Or at the very least, it means that the person cosplays well.

This usually means that they take part in cosplay groups, do skits to go with their costumes, sew their own costumes, and maybe write a doujinshi on the side. Their costumes generally look better than most cosplayers because they spend more time and more money laying out a pattern and taking the time to do it right.
Jan Kurotaki is one of the best layers in Japan.
by potato-sensei February 07, 2006
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Betting term;
A Layer is any individual who offers odds and accepts wagers on the outcome of an event. Lays bets for backers to back
Chronicle Bookmakers have just laid a 50 grand bet on George Washington to win the 2000 guineas. They are laying this favourite for five figures favourite in the betting ring. The layers are running with fear from this gamble.
by Jack Mack April 04, 2006
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if one has layers it means that person has a dirty mind. You can have more layers than somebody...meaning you have a dirtier mind or in some cases are more pervvy.
stop looking at my boobs! you have so many layers it's not true!
by shuup April 04, 2006
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