shorter way to say mate, especially over the internet.
"me and me m8s got pretty pissed."
by International Bad Boy September 8, 2004
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a word typically used to refer to a person, usually to either anger, charm, or to rek them.
get rekt m8
oi ur shit m8
by Manuerism March 10, 2016
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g'day, m8
by John June 12, 2003
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It means "mate"
Used in chats and in forums, that slang is useful
Me: hi m8.
Jonh: hi m8. how are you?
Me: i'm fine, thanks m8
by F4T4L_3RR0R_ April 12, 2009
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"m8" is the Leetspeak version of "mate". Mate means friend, if you didnt know. Its mostly used of gamers and hackers.
Mlg Pro: Get rekt m8!
Noob: nah nah
Mlg Pro: m8, u suc!
Noob: and u swallow
by gtfoeddy May 20, 2016
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