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Describing marijuana.Intended to insinuate the need for smoking of marijuana to any friend at any time without detection by those who do not partake!
by J.W. May 12, 2003
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Scenario friend is on the toilet taking a crap and it stinks tell him to"Put some whater on that shit!"
by J.W. January 10, 2005
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put me down mean to let me know something

if i put you down that would mean i'm letting you know something
put me down with what happened at the party
by J.W. January 10, 2005
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1. To close completely and secrely. 2. To fill in or put a protective layer upon.
3. To have no escape.
4. Absolutely.
1. We sealed the attic door shut.
2. The hole in which the ants traveled was SEALED.
3. We were sealed within the dark room with ne way out.
4. My fate was sealed as the gunner shot his rifle.
by J.W. March 5, 2005
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