The act of going places you're not supposed to go. "Urban exploration" acts as an umbrella phrase for other terms like infiltration, draining, buildering and other actions which take place in an urban setting.
Often the act of urban exploration is illegal, as trespassing is usually necessary. However, the majority of urban explorers do not intend to vandalize property. One of the cardinal rules of urban exploration is "Take only photographs, leave only footprints".
Also known as "urban adventure" and "ue".
"There's an abandoned factory. Are you up for some urban exploration?"

"I trespass on abandoned properties to take photographs of decaying buildings. I am an urban explorer."
by Crossfire September 24, 2003
The act or pastime of exploring abandoned (and often derelict) structures, in order to gain an appreciation of urban decay, and to personally experience asbestosis.
"My man Drex did an urban exploration of the power station and posted some cool pics on his blog! Anyway, he's dead now."
by Urban Keith July 4, 2019
The act of exploring abandoned buildings, storm drains, machine rooms, and other places in cities where people do not normally go. Usually illegal, always fun. Possibly considered a terrorist act by post-democracy unelected governmental goons.
Where were you?
"I was doing some urban exploration down at the abandoned steel mill."
by Bob McFillius April 9, 2003
The act of exploring locations that are abandoned. An urban explorer will be one who goes to locations to take pictures, video or just to look.

Someone who goes to an abandoned location to commit vandalism or other kinds of illegal activity (besides trespassing) should not be confused with an urban explorer.

Urban exploring is not just limited to "urban" areas.

Urban explorers usually follow the rule of:

Take nothing but pictures...
Leave nothing but footprints...
Break nothing but silence...

Although this rule is commonly broken in a way that people will sometimes take items for a personal souvenier. This is something that does not bother most unless things are taken in mass quantities for a profit.
Hey, what do you want to do today?
-How about we go to that abandoned hospital to take some cool pictures!
Okay, sounds cool... I love urban exploring!
by Abandoned Forever July 2, 2006
a person who explores abandoned and/or derelict buildings in urban centers.

such exploration is often frowned upon by the authorities as it often involves either trespassing or break an enter.
My friend Jack considers himself an urban explorer, last week he went into the old hospital.
by lavothas January 29, 2008
The act of exploring a location that has been forgotten or abandoned. This normally refers to abandoned buildings, tunnels or any other structure that society has generally left to decay. Urban Exploring is a friendlier term for "trespassing" because most locations are on private property and often requires breaking and entering.

There is a difference between urban explorers and vandals. Urban Explorers are there to observe and photograph their location. Vandals are there to tag or deface them.
I found a cool abandoned building outside of town. Are you up for some urban exploring?
by Steve802 March 20, 2010
The act of trespassing on condemned or otherwise dangerous buildings or areas. Urban explorers don't usually have a malicious motive as they are only trying to explore the unknown.

Most urban exploration is recorded on video, but only exciting or dangerous encounters are uploaded to YouTube. Many examples of urban exploration gone wrong can be found on YouTube. These types of videos are often showcased by channels that review these videos. Good examples of these showcasing channels are Chills, Nuke's Top 5, Slapped Ham, etc.

Urban exploring is illegal and potentially dangerous. Before trekking out, research the area you wish to explore. Beware of the dangers such as homeless people, environmental hazards, supernatural entities, mysterious creatures, cults/crazy people, etc. Be sure to bring water, warm clothes, flashlights and batteries, a camera, a self-defense weapon, and most importantly, several friends. NEVER GO ANYWHERE ALONE. Make sure you don't go so far that you can't remember the way back. If you hear a strange noise, don't investigate it. If you hear a demonic scream, follow your instincts and run. If something starts chasing you, run. If you see something running from you, don't follow it. If something feels off, then leave. Follow your gut, and don't try anything stupid.
I've always wondered what's inside that abandoned factory. Are you down for some urban exploration? The answers we seek are just beyond our grasp.
by The Xenomorph September 4, 2019