a)tablets to be taken orally
b)cock inserted in the mouth (someone elses not your own) thats how people break their necks.
by Bunz September 14, 2003
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In sex ed, I gave an oral speech about oral sex. Too bad I couldn't give a demonstration, then I would have gotten an A+.
by wakalakalover45 April 10, 2005
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Sexual activites involving your mouth,tongue. A male licking eatting out a females vagina. A women sucking a males dick. blowjob , head
by Brittney April 9, 2005
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1. Pertaining to the mouth or speaking.
2. A type of sexual action involving the mouth and a genitalia or asshole.
1. I have an oral speech I must present tomorrow.

2. My girlfriend wants me to give her oral!
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
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noun-1)the act of cunnilingus or fellatio 2)the service an intern perfomrs for the president
Hey Hillary, give me oral. No? Okay I will go ask Monica.
by Tommy Knocker December 5, 2004
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What also to aviod in prison
Just look up anal and youll get oral
by mr brotato January 25, 2017
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when a mans dick goes into sex partners mouth. happens when penis is at a large state.
feels veeery good and men like it
by cameron March 25, 2005
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