A cool man who has been around the block who is helpful and kind . He likes women with a lot of ass . He always has a game plan when it comes to giving good advice.
Yo pops was just playing with you with you when he came over because he wanted you to see what’s really up .

He was like a pops as he stood up and whistled at that lady who had that big butt and a smile .
by Heyoka October 29, 2023
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A father
an informal term for a father ( ;
Hmm.. yo Pops in calling my cellphone, b****
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
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When cigarettes and weed are packed into the downstem of a bong.
You tear off a piece of the dart, pack it into the downstem, and put weed (or keef) on top.

Currently popular in teens in Ontario. Name comes from the sound it makes when pulled through. Gives an instant headrush. And will make a bong greasy af.
Sam: Yo why is Alex coughing up black shit?

Ben: He pops his pops man
by BITCHatombomb February 17, 2017
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1. A suggestion of plans in an online messenger group chat that receives no reply.
Ian: Hey guys, anyone fancy the pub tonight? Thinking around 7pm

Group chat: *silence for 24 hours*

*24 hours later*

Ian: Why is everything I suggest a pops? I hate you guys!
by fmp bandit May 9, 2019
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Pops, This man of great strength, intellect, an amazing lover and cook.
Also known for his creation of the bullet
Girl 1: Oh look theres Pops!
Girl 2: Lets get him to bullet us!
by Bullet Rico June 21, 2010
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To describe when you hit somone or something.
I went pops in his face and his nose started bleeding
by kwizzle October 15, 2006
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In some places pops may mean a popsicle or a type of cereal, but in Bala Cynwyd middle school pops is a group of popular girls abreviated to pops. Most of the boys in the school want to jump all the pops. You can find them in a large circle in the middle of the hallway...dont try to come in. The pops include fourteen girls.
Woah look at those pops, dont you just wanna bang em?
Ofcourse, theyre the hottest girls in school

You wanna go join the pops?
No, there to good for us

I wish i was a pop
by mtechson December 11, 2006
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