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The stage before getting pissed almost like a psychic perminition of getting completely rat-arsed, derives from being giddy and excited and always makes you look a bit like a drunk before you've even touched the drink.
Lewis:"Dude were guna get pissed tonite!!!"

Thomas:"how you know?"

Lewis:"cos im fkin whistled!!!"
by dopey-33 March 30, 2009
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To have something to come very close or to even make contact with ones head that is moving very fast.

It derives from the noise of something travel close to ones ears, and the fact that if a hole is put in ones head thier will be a whistling noise heard as wind goes through it.
That drunk guy threw a dart at me and almost whistled me.

There was a shoot out and boy am I thankful to not be whistled.
by T.EL May 19, 2011
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