A term created by the current world record holder for the most passes around "the block" in terms of sexually aggressive women.
Max: i can just smell it through Jen's myspace.
Max: that girl has been around the block
Max: infact she invented the block
Max: and is now receiving royalties
Xinoxide: Jen is the world record holder
Max: "the block" is her nickname
Xinoxide: for her block and the rest of them.
by Xinoxide March 26, 2007
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A person who has learned from relevant experiences in the world
- Street smarts
- wisdom
- real-world experience
- seen a thing or two
"If your not sure how to run this business, ask Old Man Dave. He's been around the block a few times"
"Could tell Mayor Hudson to fix the schools?" "No. Ask Shelly she's been around the block with her before"
by mazeradaville October 24, 2017
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An event or occurrence that broadens a person's view on life. Something that helps a person have a better scope of reality or become less naive and ignorant.
Being in the war was a trip around the block for my grandfather.
by Grant Hardisty July 18, 2007
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A boy or girl, usually a girl, who has had sex with seemingly every person on the block
Guy 1: Yo i heard you was getting pussy cuz... any truth to that?
Guy 2: Yeah word up cuz
Guy 1: Yo who u gettin it from?
Guy 2: Ommmm... Suzy...
Guy 1: DAMN CUZ!! aint that bitch who was caught sucking the whole football teams dicks after the game friday night??
Guy 2: Ommm... i dont know...
Guy 1: Man that bitch been around the block
by Killa Cam February 17, 2005
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A term for oral. also a term like eating out.

Girl: Sucks a guys dick.
Guy: Sucks a girl's pussy.

unless you're gay... but then, well ya know, vice versa.

2. When one partner makes the other horney and wants the other to have an orgasm.
Girl: "Hey baby, Can I skate around your block?"
Guy: "I think I wanna eat out for lunch.."


Guy 1: How far have you gotten, dude?
Guy 2: I can skate around the block.
Guy 1: that's fuckin awesome!
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