Jun 20 Word of the Day
Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, And Intersex. it’s meant to be an all inclusive umbrella term for asexuals, homosexuals, multisexuals, trans people, and intersex people. Alternative to LGBTQIAP+
Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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A term created by the current world record holder for the most passes around "the block" in terms of sexually aggressive women.
Max: i can just smell it through Jen's myspace.
Max: that girl has been around the block
Max: infact she invented the block
Max: and is now receiving royalties
Xinoxide: Jen is the world record holder
Max: "the block" is her nickname
Xinoxide: for her block and the rest of them.
by Xinoxide March 26, 2007
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