I saw this word in the definition of girl 1 and no one said what it meant!
Girl 2: Look! I have a Definition now too
Girl 1: Wannabe! Puh!
by WeirdWeirdo@_@ January 19, 2022
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A term used to describe an unnecessary follow up to a popular body of work that is far superior. Commonly viewed as either a sequel or remake that is done by a company to milk out money from fans of the original.
OMG, they are making another one? Didn't they learn their lesson from "Mean Girls 2"?
by Ms. Chabert January 24, 2011
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i cant fucking believe they used disney stars for Mean Girls 2
by WeedIsNotADrug November 23, 2010
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Familiar with an egirl? Good. This takes it to a whole new level; An E-Girl+2 is how far more entitled, dresses like she’s going to a brothel with homeless men, and definitely overdoses on opiods. You can find these “people” in the general populous, but do not interact, they may want to fuck you and then blackmail you.
Is that girl sleeping in class? Yep, she sure is. It definitely is an E-Girl+2, stay out of the way!
by hit by a bus XD May 3, 2019
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“Hey have you heard of that new moviemean girls 2
“Yeah it totally sucked
by Lunar pixie February 26, 2021
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Second half
Now that these features are taken care of a much more intense process of transformation may occur for the internal aspects of her character. It begins with letting them know their purpose in life is to continue the Jewish people by having big Jewish families. It continues by dumbing them down by only offering the most simplistic forms of the Jewish faith.
The change is done when they begin to make comments like. "Of course the Avos and Imahos kept all of the Torah" "The Gedolim can never be wrong about any matter, for they have Ruach HaKodesh"
by Institute for Jewish Women December 6, 2010
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The act of a woman squating over 2 cups and filling them up from both holes and then enjoys a fresh meal and beverage.
John asked his co-worker Debora if she wanted to grab lunch.

Debora looked at her home made 1 girl 2 cups lunch and picks up both cups from her lunch bag and says with a wide smile"No Thanks John, I brought my lunch"
by South Of Heaven June 23, 2017
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