Usually means getting shagged by a male upon a male
Be careful or ill "get" you bad, said while licking ones lips
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
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Popular phrase said by gangsters in the videogame Mafia 2. It means "We need to get him to a doctor".
by FaridRV March 15, 2016
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A phrase referring to when someone's whining, grumbling, complaining, etc. The mobile refers to the device often hung over a baby's cradle for their soothing entertainment, as it spins around. Thus, "getting him (the complainer) a mobile" implies he is a cry-baby.
Mr. Truscott had to listen to all of the crying pleas of the physical education student, but then Marly quipped, "Hey, GET HIM A MOBILE" and Kemberling and Herzog were astoundished by this, as was the entire class. The gym student was INSTANTLY SCHOOLED!
by Marly Sauble July 23, 2005
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When you read the stage directions of your teleprompter.

Originated from Joe Biden's SOTU 2022 address.
May God protect our troops. Thank you! Go get him!
by Toufar March 3, 2022
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Means to start dating a guy or girl.
Gri A: I met this cute guy down the road.

Girl B: Why don't ya get on him?
by monte carlo July 16, 2006
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An Australian saying, when one of the boys performs a miracle "get around him"
The boys: "Old mate pulled a 9"

: "Get around him"
by Metal Brian December 17, 2016
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What you say to someone who should break off a relationship but feels hesitant to do so.
Sarah: I found out Dan cheated on me again.
Caroline: You should break up with him.
Sarah: I know, but I don't want to leave him. He told me he loves me and that he won't do it again.
Caroline: He's a total scum bag. And you're only sticking around for sex. You need to stop getting under him and start getting over him.
by CedricDoodlehopper July 16, 2023
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