The fifth circle of hell. A grotesque wasteland where underqualified teachers and posers alike turn defenseless 12 year olds into vapid shells of their former selves--after about 3 years of this methodical torture these poor souls are to be shipped off to the ninth circle of hell, otherwise known as high school.
Dante: "And now we see the fifth circle of hell: note the messy black hair and Monster energy drinks."

seriously, middle school sucked
by buffalo billy bobb July 7, 2009
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One of the worst places imaginable. Usually 6-8th grades,but some are 5-8th grades,others 7-8th grades. Lunches are overpriced. Whenever I pay a lunch fee,I normaly accumulate some new lunch debt the very same day. Some teachers are nice,and can talk to you about anything,others are mean and give you tons of homework that is due the next day. After this,you go to high school,which I hear is even worse. In middle school,there is a lot of drama,and fakes on every corner. Popular brands that the popular (see:fakes) kids wear is Hollister,Abercrombie And Fitch,and Aeropostale. Some people become emo,and people start labeling you. (see:label) Plus,there are a lot of tests that leave you tired and unhappy. Some boys get into fights to prove that they're tough,and girls (some) love gossip. Once people get into middle school,they think that they are mature,and that they're awesome,but they're not. Boyfriends last a week or less. Some lose elementary school friends,others make new ones. I can go on and on,but I think by now,you get my point.
Trevor (whom is is in fifth grade,about to go into middle school):"Yay! Middle school next year!"
Trevor (now in middle school):"Middle school sucks. Girls become idiots,boys are pervs,and I lost most of my elementary school friends. I don't really have any new friends,and everyone thinks I'm a loser because I try to get by."
by ilovethesmashingpumpkins January 11, 2009
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1. a place where poor kids are made fun of everyday

2. where kids have stupid relationships that last for 2 weeks

3. where kids are forced to go for 7 hours of the day

4. prep for high school

5. where most of the kids days are spent texting and spelling you like u
kiddo: i hate school

Mom: but it teaches you good value

kiddo:sureeee (kiddo thinks : i freaking hate middle school)
by beautifulgirl:)_nobraging;) February 8, 2012
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The 3 years of shit you go through just to graduate and stand 4 more years of shit. The classes are boring, with exams up to the Wazoo. Lunch is the hamburgers from last week, but now they're disguising them as soup. If you're lucky and have recess, it only lasts 15 minutes, and all you do is stand there. Teachers give you an assload of homework and projects, and expect you to finish them in one night.
Your parents don't care if you're getting bullied, but once you get a bad grade they're on your ass about it. Don't worry, it'll all be over soon.
1. Teacher: Now class, your homework is pages 141-145, All problems. Oh, and you have a project due tomorrow.

2. Lunch today: Soupy Surprise

3. Kid: Mom, this kid at school is bullying me.
Mom: Just ignore him.
Kid: Damnit.

High schooler: Enjoying middle school?
Middle schooler: No.
High schooler: It'll be over soon enough.
by C Fera (Poole) September 12, 2008
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A place worse than hell where everybody talks about everybody behind their back then talks about how they hate two faced people. Its even worse when you are at private middle school because there are only ten people in the whole school and if you don't like them youre screwed. The only way to survive is to be fake and then you hate yourself for being fake. You're just starting to go through puberty so your face is covered in zits and the people who haven't gone through puberty make fun of you for it. All the girls except a select few wear padded bras that make them into DDs when they're only an A cup and everybody hates each other. If you're in public middle school everybody are punk poseurs that listen to avril lavigne, good charlotte, and simple plan and cut themselves. If you're in private everybody wears Hollister and pretends to be perfect while listening to whatevers on MTV and only pretending to like it. Everybody fakes Starbucks obsessions when really they can't stand it.
Girl 1- OMG I love frappacinos sooo freakin' much!!!
Me-Then why aren't you drinking yours. You've been holding it for three hours.
Girl 1-I am drinking it. *pretends to suck on straw*
Me-(sarcastically) Yeah. Sure.
Me- That doesn't make any sense. I fucking hate middle school.
by holly the ginger kid. May 5, 2007
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1. A place where your parents drop you off to be ripped apart by your equals.
2. Where you go from being a sweet, cute, elementry school kid to being a poser goth cutter listening to Avril Lavinge.
3. Where your hopes and dreams are shattered just in time for the next pit of hell: highschool.
Mom, don't make me go back to middle school today. I'll be given wedgies and noogies and have my lunch money stolen!
by CrazyBluePoodle July 29, 2005
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Middle School is hell. The popular crowd overflows and makes you feel like crap. They always talk about how they always go to the mall together and hang out with each other, but you probably have no friends so you feel horrible. The friends you had in elementary school betray you and you are left alone. Guidance councelars will tell you how your sadness will go away and you'll make friends, but EVERYONE including the teachers and kids lie. The girls become evil and the boys become disgusting future rapists.
popular kid: Me and my bf went 2 the movies last night, then i had a sleepover w/ my bffl and then we had a beach party. then i went 2 the mall and bought makeup. how was your weekend?

average kid: i watched tv.

Popular kid: loser (spreads nasty rumor)

average kid: i hate middle school
by ethelmerman April 10, 2011
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