"You hit" or "bitch you hit" describes a person who looks a horrid mess. A person who where's bad clothes, a person who hair is messed up. Term originates from New Orleans, and can be heard at all times.
" I know u not talking bout me, and your hair look a hot mess, bitch you hit."
by JENNOLA September 8, 2013
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A simple question, usually asked between two or more guys referring to a woman of any level of attractiveness. The object of the question is to find out if the men you have asked would "hit that" or have sex with the woman you are referring to.
"Hey man, would you hit that?"
"Dude, I already have!"
by Savageluke February 2, 2008
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a website for rating people, talkin to em and seeing "more" of em
i joined would you hit this.com, and damn, all the chicks are all over me and they're all really hot
by useful idiot September 2, 2004
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Your not like others your very perfect
Look at my picture

Nah I’m not gone lie you hit different
by Messy223 December 28, 2019
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A game made up in Trejos spanish class a few years ago. You look out the window and ask the person next to you. Would you hit it? He/she has 3 options 1.Yes 2.No 3.At a party, more options have been added, but these are the original ones.
Hey tim, would you hit it? At a party!
by JonnyC March 3, 2005
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