In foosball when you have the ball and shot it and it goes in to the net and comes back out (pop backs out) and is still in play.
Dave has the ball, he goes and shots against alex. The ball goes in to the net and then (pop) comes back out of the net
by cwaterton12 July 10, 2008
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a girl that's easier than a sunday afternoon and gets around like Tupac
Boy 1: I hit that the first night I met her.
Boy 2: So did I.
Boy 1: Yea thats why she aint wifey material, strictly a pop.
by XxTheIceQueenxX December 04, 2009
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A crappy type of "music" (of which it should not be called.) The bands invlolved with this "music" always consist of greedy idiots, who don't realise they are just corperate tools.
by Nick June 07, 2003
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1.) N.: A carbonated beverage also referred to as a Coke or Soda.
2.) V.: To talk abusively and insultingly about someone or something.
3.) V.: To shoot someone with a firearm.
4.) N.: A prefix used in the names of certain snack foods.
I ordered some pop to go with my supper.
He kept popping that shit about my hometown so I kicked his ass.
I popped a cap into his ass for being such a jackoff.
Popcorn and Poprocks are great food to eat.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 30, 2004
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A name for a carbonated beverage. Most often used in northern states.
by Zephyir February 11, 2003
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