designed by insightful people, who realized that the last 7 yrs. of life are not worth living anyway. Those are the 7 yrs. you cant make coherent sentences, and you shit yourself constantly.
by PoDuck March 18, 2005
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how to say "i don't give a fucking fuck" without really saying it
yeah i got yellow teeth, bad breath, one lung, no voicebox, and stage four terminal cancer.

but i don't fucking give a fuck. i'll show you, pass me my fuckin cigarettes.
by dane's boy April 27, 2008
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Cancer in a box sold to you by a smug corporation.
The office workers stood outside their building shivered in the rain as they smoked cigarettes and desperately tried to drain the life out of themselves.
by limecoke9 August 27, 2014
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cigarettes, cancer sticks, smokes, my life...

whichever way you put it, these things are wonderful and have kept me from beating up all the stupid bitches i would have normally beat up if i wasnt so calm.

and just to let you know, if you dont like them, then dont smoke them. and if you dont wanna be around them, then go away. but dont complain about it. believe me, nobody wants to hear that and its a waste of breath from your precious lungs. so just shut the fuck up cause we all know its bad for you. nobody cares.
two luckys: one for good luck, and one for good fuck.
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mmmmmm delicious cancer sticks that have kept many people from dying
man im gonna kill someone if i dont get a smoke soon
by Derek July 25, 2004
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something you can smoke every once in a while. You don't have to smoke them every day. I didn't.
1),Jeff: "What's that? It reminds me of when I was a teenager".
Angie: "Karen smokes".
Me (embarassed that she snitched after she promised me she wouldn't): "ANGIE!"
Angie: "Well, you're the one with the cigarettes in your hand!"
Jeff: "Smokey The Clove".

2) When I was a smoker I didn't smoke my cigarettes every day. How can you smokers manage to smoke a pack or two of cigarettes daily? I could never smoke that much. I only smoked six cigarettes maximum in a day, and that was fine for me.
by Karen Stickney September 29, 2007
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