Person 1: you should definitely tap that before someone else does.
Person 2: But i dont have a condom bro

Person 1: P.O.P bro
by Themierduh October 07, 2010
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A term used to describe carbonated beverages such as coke, sprite, root beer, etc. Heavily used in Canada, Michigan, and Washington State. Learn this term well if you have not already. If you are a waiter or waitress at a restaurant in an area that uses the word soda, respect the language of the visiting foreigners who say pop!
Floridian Waitress: Would you like anything to drink?
Canadian: What kinds of pop do you have?
Floridian Waitress: Pop?......Oh, you mean soda?
Canadian: NO! POP YOU GOOCH! Now bring me something nice!!!
by Nicholas Gagne November 14, 2005
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a terrible brand of music where the singers only sing about failed relationships. The fans are 13 year old girls who are so stupid not to realize that the singers are too pretty to be turned down by a guy and that helps the girls relate to them. None of the pop artists write their own songs because they are way too stupid to pick up a pen and paper.
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
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Carbonated beverage also known as soda.
Hey y'all my mouth is so dry I need to drink some pop.
by ECB! May 14, 2007
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cause (something) to burst, making a popping sound
Jason made his condom pop by slamming too hard, and so he created an accident.
via giphy
by vincentupsdellred December 09, 2016
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