It's a way to ask for information.When you say, "What's the game plan?" it's another way to ask someone for the details of a plan. It's the strategy for accomplishing something.
In sports, a game plan is a set of instructions for the players to follow, so they can win the game. Outside of sports, it could be a plan for going to dinner, seeing a play or even watching a game.
A: So what's the game plan? Shopping at, or what are we doing tonight?
B: We're not sure yet. What do yo want to do?
by TKrattlesnake January 21, 2015
a lame synonym used when asking what the planned schedule is going to be for upcoming events. usually used by old white men, doucebags, and people not ot be delt with.
Person 1: So what's the game plan
Person 2: (Pause) Uh, don't talk to me.
by joanellie April 15, 2006
A topic of verbal conversation referring to a later period of time
"So, Uh Kate, what's the uh, game plan?
by King Shafirre September 11, 2009
Doing the total opposite of what is to be achieved in beer pong.
Izzi:*shoots ping pong ball and misses the cup*
Izzi: That was Game Plan right there!!!
by iluvchurros March 6, 2010
Recent studies show that after leaving your 9-5, the most optimal way to spend your evening is eating Chipotle and getting a blowjob. This is statistically shown to increase levels of serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin.
Person 1 - Hey man, are you executing the optimized weekday after-work game plan?
Person 2 - Of course brother. I'm picking up 2 orders of chipotle at 6. Girlfriend is coming over at 6:30!
by iMonkeyBIZ February 9, 2020
Going down on someone with the explicit interest of continuing into ass play.
When Leo went down on Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall St, he didn't just have a plan. He had a Game Plan! Always have a Game Plan!
by Mint Blazer January 19, 2022
Your plan on how to achieve success.

Mostly the plan on how to get money.
A: How do you plan on making money?
B: Dont worry I got a game plan.
by Don Francis Corleone June 28, 2019