POP (post office protocol) account is an actual E-mail box located on the server for which the address is made. When E-mail is sent to a real POP account, the mail is stored on the server until the user logs in with their E-mail software and downloads it.
You can use mt site's POP.
by Jak Dude May 06, 2005
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A term used by cops when a person who is pulled over or confronted by the police tends to argue or lie. When this occurs, a ticket might be issued or the person might be taken to jail.
hey bob, how was work today?" Bob: "it was pretty good, but I had to take someone to jail for P.O.P." What is that, Bob? Bob:"pissing off police."
by campanita March 26, 2011
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Point.Of.poop. When your desperate enough to do just about anything (aka eat poop) to hook up with a certain chick/dude.
Sam Rod hadn't had sex in weeks and was at the p.o.p to get with a girl .
by Steadyeddy November 19, 2016
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Porn Industry Slang for the "money shot" when the guy blows his load.
Porn Director: OK so you're going to eat her out, etc..., then to a pop, and that's a wrap. (see HBO Pornacopia)
by NaughtyMonkey December 06, 2004
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another word for soda, used by northerners mostly.
northerner: "hey i'm almost done setting up for the party, help me finish by taking the pop out of the closet."
by Tracy M September 02, 2005
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A quantic phenomenon in which the popularity of something is inversely proportional to its overall goodness, pop has become the baseline standard against which the quality of all decent culture, music and art can be measured against.
Cynthia is cool, unique, and trendy while being generally accepted in her clique as long as she feeds corporately-sanctioned pop culture into her daily life.
by Requiett April 02, 2005
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A description of someone who is really hip-hop and totally hot on the street. This can be someone who is a really hard gangster. If you are really pop you don't need to worry about paying for a bus because you get on free.
Derick: Yo yo yo mate, how are you?
Hard Harrold: Orite man, i am great. Im really pop right now, you know?
Derick: Oh cool you must get free public transport then?
Hard Harrold: Stop it little Derick.
by Mr McGoobie November 12, 2009
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