A fucking idiot, but it's simply part of his charm :)

He's incredibly funny and never fails to make you laugh. He's a complete goofball, which basically makes him a child. He's also very loyal to his friends, family, and significant other. If you know an Alex in your life, hold onto him! You will regret it if you let him go.

Although he's quite a handful at times, he truly makes it worth your while, because he is just simply amazing.
Damion: Yo, do you know Alex?
Mark: Yeah, dude. He's so fucking funny.
by meganBacon May 13, 2018
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Can easily become one of your closest friends. A really sweet boy, who also happens to be intelligent, there are no downsides to knowing an Alex. Handsome, funny, sweet, intelligent, and an amazing friend, always become friends with an Alex.
Wow! Alex is great!
by The Invisible Woman November 15, 2013
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A human name made for people.
Johnny: Oh, hi mark!
Alex: My name is Alex.
by SmalltwnBoi March 22, 2018
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a sexy young man that can take anyones girl
Alex is too sexy to define
by sexydaddydexter March 15, 2017
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Alex is someone who will always be there for you. You can trust him with anything and he cheer you up no matter what. He could be your best friend, but if you're not careful, you may find yourself falling in love with him.
Alex has been my best friend since diapers. He's so sweet, I think I may be falling for him.
by xxPeaceLoveMusicxx December 26, 2011
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alex sucks at playing bedwars and definitely does not carry me the whole game...alex is a great person to talk to, he will always make you smile. alex is very smart and willing to help you with anything. he’s caring & sometimes not self-aware. he’s the type of person you could talk to hours on end. his laugh is the cutest as well as his smile. he’s sure to make you happy. you'll be glad he entered your life :)
-definitely not emi
me: alex is pog 😎
alex: i am pog
by papill0ns April 11, 2021
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A sweet, kind hearted guy who just wants to have fun. He will try to make you smile and laugh. He's always there for you. If he makes you upset and doesnt realize it till later he will go extremes to make it up to you. He's everyones friend and all the girls want to be his girlfriend. He's very reliable and trust worthy, you can tell him anything and he wont say a word to anybody else about what you said.
"That guy is so sweet!"
"I wonder if his name is alex?"
by angelwithasmile November 24, 2012
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