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An accurate word for the POS cranked out by Sony and filled with crappy sports games that are only bought by people who wouldn't know a decent game or system if it was dropped on their nads while they slept. Of course, there are a few games that are an exception to the rule, but they can be counted on both hands. Fuck, the only good games on the system are games that were cloned from tried and true methods of development and gameplay that evolved on better consoles. It is the reason I hate Square Enix, because they made addictive games on the PlayStation, forcing me to buy the damned system. I still think Final Fantasy VII could have been just as good on the N64.... *grumbles on and on about the system's flaws, gets bored, and goes and plays a fun game on his DS...
PeniStation 1, 2, and 3... collectively the biggest douche- and shovel-ware series Japan ever threw up.
by aka_Pyro April 26, 2007
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