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Of or pertaining to a woman who begins their acting career nicely with a decent Disney remake of an old move, goes on to become a vixen, and ruins herself by dying her foxy red hair to a vomit color and finally to a greasy shade of black.
person1: Oh, you want to make movies that get crappier and crappier, and ruin the look that made you stand out as a fox in a crowd of sleazy bimbos by dying your hair? That's Lohantastic!
Lindsay: Cool, I have fans that support me!
by aka_Pyro April 1, 2007
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Many people of the Abrahamic religions, specifically Christianity, have a saying: No God, No Peace, Know God, Know Peace. I cannot honestly be expected to believe that being a Christian will mean that I will know peace when all the Abrahamic cults are warring with one another.

Instead, I'm just going to assume that 'devoting oneself to the highest power' means 'selling out the the ones who won't kill you if you join them.'

Everyone has their own opinion on religion, of course, and therefore, it is impossible to create a world-wide peace when peace is agreement not to be enemies. For example, if a faith requires enemies to survive, its practitioners will continue to kill and maim and hurt others until the faith is dead or every last 'heretic' is no more than a memory.

Besides, organized religion defeats the purpose of free will, if you haven't noticed. That's why I'm the free and happy atheist that is completely stigmatized against any religion that doesn't offer the power to summon monsters based on a pact with the religion's deity.

Final Fantasy has some cool religions in it, ever hear of the Yevonites? Oh, wait, their leaders are corrupt and evil. Ever hear of the Covenant, a religious collective of alien races with one single goal? Oh, wait, that involves the total annihilation of all intelligent life in the galaxy. Star Wars has the coolest religion of all, though. May the Force be with you, always.
Believing in a deity raises more barriers than it lowers. Know God, No Peace.
by aka_Pyro September 29, 2007
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The purest of the purest form of crap. Virtually plotless, this book deserves to be banned. Outdated views of the world. Some gay emo dropout. This book SUCKS.
Catcher in the Rye is t3h uber-suXXorz.
by aka_Pyro May 8, 2007
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When a game company lucks out with smash hit game, and then proceeds to crank out worthless clones of the game, cleverly disguising them as "sequels." A prime example is CapCom's MegaMan BattleNetwork series for Game Boy Advance, which began as a launch title for the handheld in 2001, but quickly became an incredibly long "series" of games that are all essentially the same game. Of course, the same thing could be applied to Nintendo and Game Freak's popular Pokemon series for Game Boy, GBA, and the DS.
Dude, WW2 games, Vietnam war games, and Atlus RPGs are suffering from the MegaMan effect.
by aka_Pyro May 8, 2007
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A famous video game console created by Microsoft. In its heyday, it had copious 1st and 3rd party support, in the form of game such as Halo: Combat Evolved by in-house developer Bungie Studios, and the GTA series by Rockstar Studios. This balance of developing and publishing power has earned the Xbox a reputation synonymous with socialism.
The Xbox, while having received a bad rap for being a product of Microsoft, was not unsuccessful, spawning the next system, the Xbox 360 in 2005.
by aka_Pyro May 13, 2008
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A famous video game system created by Nintendo. With an all-star line-up of 1st party titles, and a relative lack of 3rd party support, the GameCube was not a popular platform of economic competition, earning it a reputation synonymous communism.
The GameCube is mostly famous for its first party line-up; Metroid, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario, and the Legend of Zelda, among others.
by aka_Pyro May 13, 2008
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In Fable, although the game is developed by Big Blue Box and this is obviously a reference to the company that made the game, there is a legend about the first man choosing which world his people would live in. He had a choice between a large blue box, and a small red box. Believing the latter represented the sun, he chose the large blue cube. The gods, knowing the true differences between the two, revealed that the red box had only enough room for all the good in the world, and the blue box had room for all the good and the evil, and that the man had damned his people to life as we knew it in the dark ages. My point is, GameCube was a big blue box, full of some good things (Resident Evil 4, Zelda, Mario, SSBM...), but over stuffed with horrible things (i.e. Barbie Games, Generic Japanese Anime RPGs).
disenfranchisedgamerboy1: Man, I wish Nintendo had taken the small red box approach--I mean, the GameCube could have better represented Nintendo as something small, red, and boxy-- so I wouldn't accidentally make friends with those other gamers who play Xbox and PS2 and end up spending money on those systems.

disenfranchisedgamerboy2: Totally, dude.
by aka_Pyro April 1, 2007
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