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1. Another synonym for brainwashing, mind-tampering, etc. Introduced in the manual for Blizzard Entertainment's hit PC RTS game, StarCraft. Refers to the Terran factions' practices of forcibly conscripting people, usually criminals ("culturally challenged persons") to serve as infantry, and wiping their memory. They are described as being "Freed from any previous allegiances or ideologies." It has been speculated that the Resocialization process is excruciatingly painful.
In the cinematic trailer for StarCraft II, a convicted murderer was being encased in a suit of Marine armor. He must have been Neurally Resocialized.
by aka_Pyro June 09, 2007
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Nintendo's re-design of their latest handheld. New features include:

- Smaller size - The DS Lite measures 133mm wide, 73.9mm high and 21.5mm deep at 215 grams in weight. This makes it 42% smaller and 21% lighter than the original DS. The screens are the same size.
- Four brightness levels, of which the brightest is extremily bright.
- Larger stylus
- Shiny future-esque finish available in White, Black, and Light Blue. These are the launch colors, and Nintendo will very likely release more colors as time goes on.
- Improved Wi-Fi capabilities (hardware only)
- Button layout change (Start, Select, Power)
- Region Free, as is the original DS
- Increased Touch Screen sensitivity

Other than the above revisions to the system, the DS Lite is essentially the same system. The same, except more addictive. Do not buy one of these unless you actually have the have time to waste. This little piece of awesomeness is notorious for eating up time like pac-man pigs out on pac-pellets.

This is made especially more true because of the backwards compatibility: with access to the huge library of GBA games and the growing library of DS games with Wi-Fi enabled features, you are guaranteed to spend as much time as you possibly can playing with your Nintendo DS Lite, spamming Urban Dictionary and online forums about PSP, and being an utter annoyance to people who brag about their PSPs, and anyone who thinks the PlayStation series doesn't suck; sometimes, you'll find yourself doing all of those things at the same time.
I'm going to go play Metroid Prime Hunters, Pokemon Diamond, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Mario Kart Super Circuit on my DS with my other DS addicted friends, while simultaneously waiting six months for FFTA 2 to come out, so I can go play Metroid, Pokemon, FFTA 2, and Mario Kart DS on my Nintendo DS Lite with said DS addicted friends.
by aka_Pyro July 02, 2007
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1. The act of owning the crap out of someone at any well-known Nintendo game.
2. The act of owning the crap out of someone who has been playing a game, esp. any Pokemon game, substantially longer than you.
3. The act of showing a n00b from some game forum their place after they openly assume they have been playing a game much longer than you, denounce you as a n00b, and are rudely awakened as you fulfill the second above definition whilst playing against them.
2. Scott: Weak, I just got NintendOwned at Gold by you!
Me: *in an elongated, exaggerated ebonic voice* Sho' ya
3. __H__ wrote: lol you noobs should begin to learn the game instead of abusing the gts. You are proud of ur bebi Pichu + Volttackle? Thats a Joke isn't it?? You got that Pichu by trading unfair. That's why it is Trash. Because of Guys like you, GTS is a place of little Brats - which don't know how to play the game. This Thread is not worth reading.

Me: Look, I know the gameplay inside and out. Trust me, when you've been playing as long as I have, because I started playing back in the days of Yellow, played all the way through Silver and Sapphire, and even beat the story mode of Colosseum, trust me, getting a pokemon in a trade that I'd never ever be able to get anyways unless I was an emerald addict is not ruining the game. How dare you call me a noob, you can't call someone a noob until they either announce their stupidity to the world, or you own them in a game of pokemon if they've been playing longer than you. Think I don't know how it works, buddy? I got Silver three months after my friend got Gold, he beat the game, I took a month to beat the game, we link battled, he lost, the battle was epic, and he *almost* had the upper hand with his Meganium's Ancientpower, but I got tired of that crap and Flame Wheeled him. Show respect for your veterans, you poser-bandwagon little n00b.
by aka_Pyro April 30, 2007
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A famous video game console created by Sony. Well-known for its many, many 3rd party games. This relatively free and unrestricted competition of publishers and developers accompanied by a lack of serious 1st party support has earned this system a reputation synonymous with capitalism.
Most of the games for the PS2 are not produced by Sony. And there are more well-reviewed 3rd party games than 1st party games.
by aka_Pyro May 12, 2008
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1a: Rat- a small, omnivorous, usually disease carrying rodent.
1b: Morning star- a powerful club or mace.
1c: Rat Morning Star: a weapon/summoned monster forged from a dead rat tied to a stick and infused with Bankai energy, resulting in a 15' tall undead rat warrior with a giant pole attached to its tail.
Leo totally started kicking ass when he activated his Rat Morning Star! see also: Rat Flail
by aka_Pyro June 14, 2007
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Ok, there's the Dark side definition of Revan, and this is the Light side version. Revan's true actions, personality, history, and even identity were lost to time and myth. But it is absolutely certain that this is true:

Master Revan was the wisest Jedi/Sith to ever grace the galaxy. He was a Jedi, but abandoned the Order to join the Mandalorian wars in 4006 BBY (BEFORE BATTLE OF YAVIN). He then "fell" to the Dark side (according to a conversation between the Jedi Exile and the fallen Jedi Kreia, Revan cleverly orchestrated the Republic's "demise" to draw out the true Sith and prepare the Republic against a potential war with the Old Sith Empire) and harnessed the power of the ancient space station built by the Rakatan Empire in 20,006 BBY: The Star Forge. His apprentice, Darth Malak, was also a fallen Jedi who followed Revan into the war. Malak betrayed Revan from afar when his masters ship was boarded by a Jedi strike team in the Bpffash system. After having his memory essentially rewritten by the Jedi Council, Revan then returned as an avatar of the Force and exacted his revenge on his former apprentice. Revan then left republic space, leaving the Republic to fend for itself. After Lord Malak's defeat, the Sith Empire collapsed into civil war in the absence of a Dark Lord, and Revan disappeared in the Outer Rim. No one know where Revan roams now, not Bastila, not Carth, not even T3-M4. BUT REVAN LIVES!
Revan was the true Sith'ari, the legendary messiah of the Sith, said to walk the path between the Light and Dark sides of the Force, while being neither Sith, nor Jedi. It was he who brought balance to the living Force, but not without the help of millions of Republic and Sith soldiers, and especially the companions he traveled with.
by aka_Pyro May 06, 2007
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1. A pejorative term referring to a person possessing qualities of laziness, a general bad temper, and/or a general lack of hygiene.
2. When used in reference to a very hygienic person, the term emphasizes their poor temperament and vanity going hand in hand.
If you're just in it for the money, you're no better than a schlub.
by aka_Pyro August 17, 2008
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