A person who no matter the situation or risk will beat the odds. A person that always proves you wrong, weather its a dangerous person holding a gun to his face and (while laughing) unarms the person, An Exception to the Rule falls off a derrick and breaks his back and still gets back up and walks, works, and party's harder than any other motherfucker in the world. The Exception to the Rule will drink you under the table and not have a hangover. The Exception to the Rule will have a stroke and not go to the hospital but still be able to get up in the morning to take his son to school displaying no effects from the otherwise debilitating physical event. The Exception to the Rule will be the person to explain freedom from tyranny after suffering more than most in the world could ever understand, and then give you a true and honest solution to the problem and create a world wear all people are truly free and safe. The Exception to the Rule will always keep his word, will always prove you wrong. The Exception to the Rule is the type of person who should be the President of the United States of America, The Exception to the Rule is the type of person you will remember and tell stories of to your children and your children's children will tell stories of. The Exception to the Rule is your true best friend, the ultimate lover, an amazing father and son, he is the light in darkness and mind of an artist and warrior all at the same time never relenting and always sharp as a tack.
Wow that man is truly an exception to the rule!
by Mike Ryan's Exception February 14, 2017
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Although rule 34 is said to have no exceptions i have found 1, Wheres the chapstick
Exception to rule 34.
Where's the chapstick
by Shabam444444444444 October 22, 2011
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A desperation tactic used in an argument or debate whereby proof of the speaker's wrongness is somehow held up by the speaker as proof of his rightness.
Manny: I utterly hate homosexuals. They are an affront to God and man. Except for Rick Astley. I could go down on THAT guy all night! I'd same-sex marry him in a heartbeat.

Moe: I thought you said you hated homosexuals?

Manny: Well, he's the exception that proves the rule.
by Rev. Nørb June 16, 2010
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