landen was rubbing his dicc today so i thought id make this
Me: What do you want the word to be on urban dictionary
Landen: My Penis!
by yellow ball with a face on it January 18, 2019
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A response for "What's up" when you have a boner
Girl: What's up?
Guy: My penis.
Girl: *Looks down* Pervert!
Guy: Well it's better than not much.
by elmacko November 9, 2011
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an object which should be in your mouth at all times
where is my penis? oh, there it is. in your mouth.
by Stu Jones January 5, 2021
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my penis is green! i like to touch it in fourth period! when the lights are out, it glows in the dark.
my penis is to sexy for you!
by Homosexual April 24, 2005
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Person One: "My mom is now having to deal with my teenage brother's rebellious stage."
Person Two: "That problem is thrust at her every day after school. "
Person One: "Yeah, no kidding."
Person Two: "Not unlike my penis."
by Tammy McShammerson May 23, 2010
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This is what broke up your marriage with your wife and if you do not yet have a wife watch out for it because it will break up you and your future wife. Also, it is the real father of your children, sorry to tell you like this champ.


ME: I'm so sorry but my penis can not leave any wife in a happy relationship with their husband untouched.
by Pedophile numero uno February 1, 2017
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