sexual term used by gay men to describe the painting(shitting) on a penis....usually when a bottom is not cleansed or the penis goes in too deep.
Leon and Antonio were having sex and Antonio went in too deep and Leon painted on Antonios penis.
by A&T Student December 6, 2004
"Painting" the new code name for masturbation for both men and women.
Haha, caught you painting last nite.

I've got a feeling your busy painting!!!

"Just gonna have a paint before i go out"
by Bec & Seb October 29, 2006
after a man ejaculates upon a woman he uses his dick like a brush to paint a picture with his semen. the painting is usually simple and temporary
for her 18th birthday amanda's boyfriend gave her a PAINTING of a present
by Simon Riley June 22, 2010
a form of graffiti.
"oi broo lets go painting on the M-line".
by frantic oreo February 27, 2009
The act of ejaculating on the picture of a female, creating a very creative portrait that should be sold in a museum
I hate that bitch mariah Carey so much---I think I'll print out a picture and do a little painting.
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
The act of pinching and then slapping cheeks to make them rosey red
Jenny decided that painting her cheeks would make her look good for her boyfriend
by Cronicial March 24, 2011
boy1: yo what happened at school

boy2: ah man, dem niggas was painting
by jus a nigga tryna help April 16, 2017