Q: Wanna go to burgerking for lunch?
A: 200.
by Hoo Hoo Nick October 30, 2003
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The HTTP status code for 'OK' - it means your request was fulfilled without an error.
A 200 error page is usually not shown to users, but certain php scripts may display one.
That script didn't have anything to display, so it just showed a 200 error.
by madept April 2, 2004
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Two zero zero
Thank you
I needed you!

Oh my light
Is shining bright
Love you always!!!
I close my eyes and imagine… in your arms being held so tight
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I want to see your eyes… your smile 😊

Since we are at what I want… your arms around me with a congratulations “you dominated this race” … then … soon❤️
Buddy not here much this week:(
Miss and love you!!!

Kinda thinking there is meaning behind the 200🤔🤔🤔
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The most nigga a person can be, with a few exceptions.
African: I'm 200% Nigga
by Nigganigga200 November 13, 2013
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