A place to shake nyash for cash, make friends and cause problems
Person A: I'm going on lobby to see some big batty gyal shaking bunds
Person B: She better be leng styll
by councilestatebaddie July 29, 2022
A Royal Australian Navy sailor who is generally well endowed, but does not show respect for his penis.
also known to fornicate with female sailors(see WRANS) .
A funny type of sailor generally serving most career time in a unit called Rogers Division.
oh he fucked her? Typical Lobby!
by truckernavy May 7, 2010
She lobbied up all of her ramen after eating half a baby carrot. Apparently, she's allergic to carrots.
Ew, I hate to see people Lobby.
by Paigeycita June 9, 2017
A girl, or person, who is extremely red cheeked when they are embarrassed, flustered, angry, sad or exercising.
"Wow, look at how lobby her face is"
"That's the lobbiest girl I've ever seen"
by meegss September 20, 2009
The hottest thing on the fukin Planet ;)
Damn she's fine :P
:O "Whoa, who the hell is that?"
;) "Hey, at's Lobby"
by Chabowski January 9, 2005
The legal form of bribing the government
Comcast is lobbying congress to maintain their monopolistic stranglehold on the market without restriction. How is this allowed?
by Civita March 6, 2015
The Definition of Lobbi:
Loving, charming, sexy.
It's a word, what you say to someone, if you really like him/her, and you don't wanna lose him/her.
Or when you apologize to somebody.
I gotta go! Lobbi <3
I'm so sorry, Lobbi <3
by Batspinda January 7, 2012