1. an excuse at a party used to justify approaching strangers of the opposite sex in attempts to make a party in his or her mouth
Jill: Lets go "make friends"!

Maia: Jill, you're such a hoe! You made friends with like twelve guys last night!

Jill: Oh, please! You know you want to...

Maia: I know. I do.
by Shanaynay all day February 27, 2010
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Your words are deadly weapons, killing me, destroying me.
Fuck You!! Secrets Don't Make Friends!! Secrets Don't Make Friends!! Secrets Don't Make...
by XBandaidgesX May 17, 2011
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An indivual who presents false information with the intention of deceiving another party and trying to look like a baller or to make himself or herself look good. In many cases done infront of an oppisite sex to try and seduce them.

To lie outrageously or brazenly
1.) "Artin lies to make friends when he is around mona his girlfriend."

2.) Navid lies to make friends to Arta to excite him.

3.) Asif says: My name is usif Arta says: Don't lie to make friends (DLTMF)Asif!

4.) Converstation form: Nadim says: "My neckalace is $50 christina" Arta responds " Nadim Don't lie to make friends, you don't have $50"

by Arta November 28, 2005
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Someone who lies in order to make friends.
Arta going on this website and saying that "Usuf" lies to make friends, when really Arta was actually lying that asif lies to make friends....only so that HE could make friends!! ahahaha I would reply:

"Arta, man Don't lie to make friends (DLTMF)"

by Usuf December 15, 2005
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A phrase that pops up in lots of competitive reality television shows such as Survivor, The Apprentise, Flavor of Love, and many, many, more. What is intresting about this phrase is that you would never say it anywhere outside of television. Even if you were in a position where you where not there to make friends you would not gain anything by anouncing it.
On a competitive reality television show

Person 1: I am going to win this and you know it!
Person 2: Oh no you won't! I will fight you if I have to! I did not come here to make friends!
by Dr. M0 October 12, 2009
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General euphenism for taking a crap. Can be altered slightly to better describe the type of crapping situation one is about to experience or has experienced by explaining the experience your friends are having or about to have. See examples below.
to crap: Hey, I'm going to "make some friends."

to inquire: How are your friends?

crapping discomfort: My friends are angry today.

leftover floater: I went to go make some friends, but someone else's friends were there to greet me.

don't leave a floater: Never leave a friend behind.

post crapping: My friends have left the building.

self explanitory: There's a special place inside me for all my friends.

constipated: My friends didn't show up.

eating questionable food: My friends aren't going to like this.

(i think we see where this is going.)
by Randalls January 28, 2008
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