A large astronomical body that revolves around a central star. It is usually part of a solar system.
by PlanetJunkie February 4, 2010
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A Realm of information or knowledge.
A School of thought
A Knowledgebase or collection of thoughts (Qualculus)
Planet Java (a Site about Java)
Animal Planet (A channel dedicated to learning about Animals)
Ocean Planet, Rugby Planet.
by Dave Vyrd November 24, 2003
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In Qualculus a body of knowledge you may assume to be true.
She voted for him because he believed that he would do what he promised. She apparently did not have his past performance record in her planet.
by Robert A. August 12, 2004
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Technically, there really isn't a definition for the word "Planet", atleast not in science. Planets can be described easily in dictionaries, but scientists question the definition. They don't have a real answer to what planets are and how to describe them, but that's why scientists are searching and discovering things about planet to have a REAL, CLEAN, and SCIENTIFIC definition for the term, Planet.
This Planet is undescribable!
by mayo in a jar June 1, 2021
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A large body, smaller than a star but larger than an asteroid. A planet is also known as Melissa.
"Woah! Did you see that planet?"
"yeah why does Melissa always crash the fun!"
by Planethater December 20, 2012
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Another way to refer to an overweight friend
Hey look, it’s The Planet
by ThePlanet February 7, 2019
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The discrimination against planets.

There are billions of planets in the Milky way, yet we only memorize 8? That is planetism.
We mustn't show planetism against the planets we deem as unimportant for people to learn in school.
by Cas FCS May 20, 2020
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