one of the many ways of saying or typing fucking

mainly used for conversations that get edgy
your a fukin cunt m9
by randyclassiccarsfan November 17, 2017
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like Hell yeah!!!, only much cooler!
" Fukin A that finnish chick is the shiznit"!!!
by Jimmy Bang January 22, 2006
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Anne: lol fukin eh!
Ramone: thats not how you spell it dumbass.
by Jyynx November 20, 2006
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a person who is dumb they can't recognize an apple.
did you see him? he's a fukin twat
by perrsonloll February 1, 2021
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pertaining to someone acting like a soiled prophilactic device.
Dave's just bought another £27000 beemer in midnight blue. wot a fukin joey.
by dan April 4, 2003
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This word originates from the Mexicano Chav population, but was later adapted to a reduction of the phrase; 'Fucking Hell', which refers to the act of having sexual intercourse with the underworld.
Fuckin' El'! Choo cee wot dat fukin bloke wer doin?
by Robert Masters April 18, 2005
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An object that most defitnitely kewl
DAMN SON!!! thos new rims r fukin dope!

by goonther July 5, 2005
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