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The most awesome unit in the Royal Australian Navy, considered special forces and is made up of hardcore sailors with the rank of Seaman STAR (Special Tactics And Recon)
Ably led By a Lt Commander and holding the special weapon system know only as the Battle Gnome.
Oh man, that guy is soo cool, i wish i was in Rogers Division instead of the SAS
by aussie sailor May 07, 2010
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The most embarrassing unit of the Royal Australian Navy, considered a dumping ground for non-rated trainees who are not currently on training courses. Whether they have been transfered into the division because of medical issues, academic failures, discipline issues or simply because of plans to leave the service, Rogers Division personnel are regarded as unfortunate individuals by the rest of the Navy. Trainees often have little to occupy them throughout the day, and motivated trainees are intermingled with rudderless quitters, leading to a frustrated, apathetic and often nihilistic outlook of their future as defence members, and the nature of service in general. Despite the presence of well-meaning, if somewhat relaxed staff-members to manage the progress of division personnel, Rogers Division is like "Waiting For Godot" in uniform.
"Rogers Division in the papers today. They're named in Defence Inquiry on sexual misconduct."

"Fuck, not again!"
by Clarence McGurk June 02, 2011
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