To be overcome with allergy symptoms related to cats, dogs, grasses, trees, molds, or all of the above.
Damn, my nose is runnin and my ears are itchin; I'm feelin allergized today!
by basgurl June 18, 2007
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someone or somthing you hate,dislike irrtating .

- or you can use this word in friendly way your close friends something like idiot or dumb"
"he is so allergic, how can he say i have an attitude problem."

"allergic shut up!"

"dun act so allergic,move outta my way"

"don't be so allergic, com'on let go out tonight michelle"
by MissMia February 16, 2009
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To have an allergic reaction to something.
That kind of chocolate makes me allerge.
by Skittles2424 December 15, 2010
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A category of people, who have allergies.
"Who would need an anti-sneezing device?"
"Allergics would!"
by Patrycja Bogdal September 1, 2009
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an urgent need for assistance or relief due to an allergic reaction.
The watermelon made his balls swell up like grapefruits! Call 911! This is an allergency!
by engfish September 21, 2015
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To hate someone or something with a passion, to the point of feeling sick when it or they near...

To show invollentary physical signs(shuddering, cringing, face or body twitching, eyes-rolling) of hate towards an Item or Person when it nears.
That person that makes you cringe at first sight... you're mentally allergic to them.

That country music singer's voice that sickens you at first sound... You're mentally allergic to it.

That certain food that the sight/smell/taste of makes you wanna puke... you may not be physically allergic to it, but you are mentally allergic to it!!!

Cool guy: standin' chillin.
Village idiot: "hey dude, What's up?"
Cool guy: Shuddering, body shaking, green in the face, "get away from me!"
Village idiot: "what's wrong?"
Cool guy: "I'm mentally allergic to you!"
by Redwings Addict June 3, 2009
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