When a man ejaculates his load into a female vagina and then immediately proceeds to the performance of cunnilingus and slurping up his own nut.

Most commonly practiced in Asian cultures as a way of showing deference or appreciation for high-status women.
Before and after Sean had sex he was reminded by his older partner that he would be expected to show respect, and he knew he would not be able to take a 5 minute rest after climaxing. He was also asked not to touch her sagging breasts, which she was self conscious about.
by DJ Creepy July 26, 2018
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to not take the slightest amount of shit from anyone.

to take everything everyone says to you in a bad way. then let them know exactly what you think about their mama. their fat, dumb, ugly, slutty mama.

to kick back and throw your feet up on the table. anywhere. especially in court or at booking. (maybe not grandma's table... like Gma O always says, "fuck em if they can't take a joke. then throw a brick through their window.")

showin attitude
Did you see him throw a beer at that cop car??" "That's Dan-o... Show no respect." "Man, he can't turn it off!
by thisis somebull October 19, 2010
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